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Some satisfied customers:
AkerKværner, BBC, Civil Aviation Authority, Norway (Luftfartstilsynet ), Codfarmers, Elkem, Gazette, IFE (Institute for Energy Technology), National Museum of Contemporary Art, (Museet for samtidskunst), Netcom, Nobel Peace Center, Norfund, Norwegian Association of Proprietor Pharmacists (Norges Apotekerforening ), Norwegian Competition Authority (Konkurransetilsynet), Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture (Landbruksdepartementet), Norwegian Museum of Science Technology, Industry and Medicine (Norsk Teknisk Museum), Petroleum Geo-Services, Q-Free, Orkla, Reitangruppen, Rokade, Ruter, SN Power, Statoilhydro, Tarantell, Telenor, Tollpost Globe, Universitetsforlaget, Vitus Apotek, Yara International.